| Art > Conversations: A Group Exhibition Supporting Planned Parenthood

French & Michigan Gallery hosted the pop-up group exhibition "Conversations," a presentation dedicated to Planned Parenthood of South Texas curated by Scott A. Sherer, PhD, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Texas at San Antonio. Featured artists include Christie Blizard, Jenelle Esparza, Mira Hnatyshn, Julia Barbosa Landois, Libby Rowe, and Anabel Toribio-Martinez.

I took words that empowered women and paired them with words from anti-choice rhetoric. The resulting word combinations created a whole new meaning for new conversations. The mirrors reflect these new meanings back at the viewer who then reflects their own interpretations.

"This exhibition, Conversations, presents the underlying character of the exercise of women’s unvoiced private thoughts, intimate discussion, routine presentation, and dramatic declaration.
The artists consider narratives of communication in women’s lives, as well as the very processes inherent in the actions of thought, reverie, dialogue, and inscription in personal and cultural history.
Jenelle Esparza’s sculptural installation focuses on the function of the power of words and their relationships to women in various stages of their lives as they pass insight and information across generations. " -Scott A. Sherer